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In October 2021 I found myself in terrible pain with a leg issue and no one really knew what the root of the cause was. Osteopathic treatment through Derek Defaria was recommended to me and I am so happy with the results and relief in just a few treatments. Derek is kind, patient and knowledgeable. Derek takes time to explain everything and every time I leave I’ve learned something new! I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.


I've been suffering migraines since I was a child. Typically I take medication however I wanted to look at an alternative method. I looked online and decided to see an Osteopath. Derek's approach was non invasive and very effective. Since I have been seeing Derek I noticed a huge improvement in my migraines.


I recently suffered a shoulder injury while playing golf that conventional treatments did not address the problem. On discussing the issue with my doctor, he referred me to Derek Defaria an Osteopath.
Having exhausted all known treatments, I met with Derek who after several treatment completely rectified my problem. I found the treatments gentle in nature and my recovery was faster than expected.
I now have a completely different view on alternative methods to address pain management and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Derek for wellbeing  


Derek really knows what he's doing and is very talented, knowledgeable and friendly. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease during his Osteo treatments. He knew exactly what needed to be worked on and I felt immense pain relief from the stresses and aches caused from working a desk job and from a previous sports injury! 10/10 - I HIGHLY recommend!

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