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Your first visit:

Your first visit will include an initial consultation of your medical background. You will be required to fill out a health history assessment form prior to your visit. This will be followed by a full comprehensive assessment and treatment. 


What to wear:

Please wear comfortable fitting clothes. Activewear is recommended. 

  • When should i see an Osteopathic Practitioner?
    We recommend seeing your Osteopathic Practitioner within the first 24 hours of injury or onset of pain. We can help with recovery of sprains, sports injuries, chronic aches, digestive issues, concussion syptoms, shoulder, knee, & ankle injuries.
  • Does Osteopatic treatments make the back or joints crack?
    The Osteopathic practitioner does not intend to crack your back. But thats not saying it won't happen during a treatment. We use gentle manipulation to the muscles, ligamets and facia to effect the bones postions and relive unessary tensions on the spine.
  • Can I claim my treatments through insurance?
    Yes, Osteoapatic treatments are covered by most insurance providers. Please contact your health insurance provider for a detailed list of benefits.
  • Do i need a Doctor's referral to see an Osteopath?
    No you do not need a doctors referal. We do advise for serious injuries and sudden onset of pain to consult your doctor first.
  • How many treatments will it take for me to feel pain relief?
    Every patient and injury is different and will require different treatment plans. My goal is to have eased pain within 2-3 treatments but will require 4-6 to make long standing changes. Follow up maintanince treatments are recommended
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