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What does a care plan look like at Derek Defaria Osteopathy?

As your Kelowna Osteopathic Practitioner, I will customize a treatment plan specific to your injury. There are also phases of care that are best for your body’s adaptation to the treatment.

With the philosophy that the body can self regulate and self heal, your body needs time to do those things. After treatment we have “unlocked” parts of your spine and joints so that they are free of obstruction and the blood can properly start flowing where it needs to. Once this has happened (after treatment) the body starts to do what it is designed to do. Heal itself. The healing process takes time so I like to give 3-7 days for the body to re adjust to the new position and movement patterns.

Acute phase- Trying to rid the body of the pain and get you feeling better. Some cases 1-3 treatments

Corrective phase - Maintaining the mobility gains and correcting the spine and joints from the sticky motions and mobility limitations. The joint

limitations can come back if you just go back to doing what you were before like slouching & always side bending to the right whenever you sit.. You need to correct the day to day movements you do in your life. That’s how the lasting effects stay. I will help you find what may be hindering your movement eg. desk setup, sleeping and more.

Maintenance phase - Once the pain is relieved and we have established mobility in your spine and joints a follow up appointment can be made from anywhere from 1-6 months depending on 1. Your financial situation and 2. How well you are feeling.

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