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It's golf season in Kelowna, do you have limited range of motion?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

If you are someone who used to be able to twist, turn and bend when you were younger and now you just feel stiff with aches and pains then this article is for you. Here are some reasons you may be stiffening up and losing your range of motion:

  1. Plain and simply not moving as much as you used to (MOTION IS LOTION!)

  2. Injuries creating scar tissue

  3. Fascial adhesions from improper daily movement

  4. Muscle tones and tension imbalances

  5. Bad posture

  6. neurological irritations

When one of the symptoms from the above list starts to take hold of the body soon after, the rest will follow. This can cause a chronic dysfunction that could be hard to reverse if it is not addressed within a reasonable time. Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds all muscles, nerves, arteries, veins & lymphatic vessels. When fascia experiences a pull or tension it has the ability to thicken. This makes the area stronger. It's the body's way of protecting itself for injury. But when the fascia gets to a point where it is throwing off the body mechanics it can become a problem. The restrictions can pull and compress bones onto vasculature and impede circulation to an area. Without sufficient blood supply to muscles and nerves, things can start to break down and pain can arise. Osteopathic treatment specializes in fluid circulation (Blood & lymph). We can address issues before they get too far. Book in a treatment for the wellness of your health!

As an Osteopath servicing the Okanagan, I have clinics in Kelowna & West Kelowna. Please contact me to book in an appointment


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